Reactive siloxane specialties

Reactive Adhesives & Sealants

  • TEGOMER® E-Si 2330

    TEGOMER® E-Si 2330 is a 100 % active linear epoxy-functional polysiloxane.

  • TEGOMER® H-Si 2315

    By the reaction of hydroxyl end groups TEGOMER® H-Si 2315 can be introduced permanently in poly-urethane resins, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) or other suitable polymers.

  • TEGOMER® M-Si 2650

    TEGOMER® M-Si 2650 is used as an additive for thermoplastic elastomers, polyesters, polystyrene and technical compounds.

  • TEGOMER® V-Si 4042
  • TEGOMER® V-Si 7255

    TEGOMER® V-Si 7255 is a comb-like acryloxyfunctional polysiloxane. Due to the cross-linkable end groups TEGOMER® V-Si 7255 can be used as reactive component in suitable polymers.