Polymer ST Product Line


  • Polymer ST 48

    Polymer ST 48 is especially recommended for the application as sealant for interior or exterior joints, e.g. expansion or connection joints, inte-rior joints for dry walling, joints at staircases.

  • Polymer ST 61

    Polymer ST 61 is a silane-terminated polymer, that is free of plasticizers. Showing both ex-cellent tensile strength and good elongation makes it suitable for demanding wood floor adhesives. With Polymer ST 61 it is possible to formulate either high strength or soft and elastic wood floor adhesives.

  • Polymer ST 61 LV

    Polymer ST 61 LV for high quality wood floor adhesives with high strength and elasticity. Polymer ST 61 LV is a plasticizer free product which addresses the same formulation properties as Polymer ST 61. Its viscosity is approx. 70 % less, thus it allows quicker dosing, lower formulation viscosities and higher possible filler loading levels.

  • Polymer ST 77

    Polymer ST 77 is free of phthalates and is highly recommended for demanding applications where a balanced stress-strain behavior is re-quired as in transport and assembly applica-tions. Examples for the use of Polymer ST 77-based formulations are the assembly of superstructural parts, bumpers, etc. Mechanical fastening is often avoided as it could cause damage to the materials used. In addition, it could negatively affect the design.

  • Polymer ST 80

    The specific product design of Polymer ST 80 enables formulators to produce adhesives with high strength combined with an exceptional surface hardness. Therefore, it is possible to address applications that require lower Shore D levels. Today such applications are mostly addressed through 2C-polyurethanes or epoxy putties.

  • Polymer ST 81

    Polymer ST 81 addresses applications where tensile strength of >> 6N/mm² is required. This is especially important in applications that are covered by 1C and 2C-polyurethanes today. Showing an outstanding high tensile strength Polymer ST 81 allows formulators to enter mar-kets such as wood construction, transport and automotive, assembly as well as light-weight construction.