Various different adhesives are used in woodworking applications. 

Adhesives used for primary woodworking applications for the production of boards and panels: 

  • Medium-density fiberboards (MDFs) 

  • Oriented strand boards 

  • Particle boards 

  • Soft- and hard plywood

Adhesives used for secondary woodworking applications address following application areas:

  • Furniture and kitchen cabinets

  • Glued laminated timber constructions (Glulam)

  • Laminated parquets 

  • Production of doors and windows 

  •  Sandwich panels 

Our silane-modified polymers are high quality binders for hybrid adhesives & sealants addressing woodworking applications. They allow you to develop products with a wide range of mechanical properties and without any need for hazard labelling. We offer silane-terminated binder systems (Methanol-release, Polymer ST series) and silane-modified polymers with lateral cross-linking groups (Ethanol-release, TEGOPACĀ® series). 

Our extensive additive portfolio for water-based and reactive adhesives & sealants (PUs, SMPs, epoxides and acrylics) offers many possibilities to optimize formulation performance. The defoaming/deaeration of formulations, improved substrate wetting or better dispersion of filler materials is also possible. The additives can also help to optimize production processes or application performance.