Reactive resin modifier


ALBIDUR® products consist of a reactive resin in which silicone elastomer particles of a defined size (approx. 0.5 – 5 μm) are finely distributed. The silicone elastomer particles have an organic shell structure comprising reactive groups. The toughening mechanism is the same as for reactive liquid rubbers; however, the rubber domains are already preformed and not built during the curing process.
ALBIFLEX® products are epoxy-silicone block copolymer resins which is used to manufacture high-performance elastomers.

product overview:

  • ALBIDUR® EP 2240 A

    ALBIDUR® EP 2240 A is a white, 40 % concentrated dispersion of a high performance core-shell elastomer in an epoxy resin based on bisphenol A used to toughen brittle epoxies.

  • ALBIFLEX® 296

    ALBIFLEX® 296 is a bisphenol-A-epoxy-silicone block copolymer resin which is used to manufacture high-performance elastomers.

  • ALBIFLEX® 297

     ALBIFLEX® 297 is particularly well suited for use in elastic bonding, jointing and sealing compounds in electrical/electronics applications, for use as a binding agent in high-quality coating systems for printed circuit boards and as a base polymer for potting and casting compounds for electronic components. Along with excellent mechanical properties, ALBIFLEX® 297 provides outstanding compatibility with aromatic resins and hardeners.

  • ALBIFLEX® 348

    ALBIFLEX® 348 is a Bisphenol-A-epoxy-silicone block copolymer resin which is used to manufacture high-per-formance Elastomers.