In our daily lives we are surrounded by multiple electronic devices which help to provide safety, entertainment and support. 

Our broad product portfolio enables the development of adhesives for sustainable electronic applications and embraces the ongoing trend of miniaturization. With our products it is possible to improve the physical properties of electronic adhesives, underfill materials, conformal coatings, copper clad laminates (CCL), as well as potting & encapsulation formulations (including materials for high-voltage applications).

With Evonik's diverse silicone toolkit you can set up your own customized formulation and with support from our experts, we can help to adjust your formulation to meet your particular needs. It will be unique in the market and allows you to keep full control over your final product – even when requirements change. 

Adhesive formulations with our nanosilica concentrates show low viscosity (compared to formulations with conventional fillers), reduced cure shrinkage & thermal expansion, improvement on mechanical properties (fracture toughness, impact resistance and modulus) as well as improved scratch & abrasion resistance.  

Increased fracture toughness and impact strength without decreasing the glass transition temperature (Tg) as well as improved fatigue performance can all be achieved by using our ALBIDUR® products. ALBIDUR® products also help stop cracks from propagating.  Our ALBIFLEX® products provide mechanical strength and chemical resistance (similar to epoxides) in combination with high elasticity and excellent dielectric properties (similar to silicones). ALBIFLEX® products are also used for elastification of epoxy resins (elongations > 100% possible). ALBIFLEX® products are liquid and are totally transparent.

Electrical and Electronic Applications

Electrical and electronic applications

Product portfolio

We provide an extensive range of modifiers for use in the electrical and electronic industry and related industries.